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Playground nets Hangtime in Ostend

Trampoline park Hangtime in Ostend has equipped their new outdoor play area with colourful nets by Duranet. 

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The effect of solar radiation on plastic nets and tarpaulins

We are of course aware of the effect of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation on our skin. We all have had a red nose once after a beautiful summer day. Just like our skin, plastics are also impacted by exposure to UV radiation from sunlight.

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New insect protection net for organic horticulture

Now the weather is getting warmer, vegetable crops are once again under attack from harmful insects such as cabbage root fly, carrot fly and onion fly.

Duranet is bringing to the market a new ultralight insect protection net developed specially for organic horticulture.

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Mandatory annual inspection of construction safety nets

Fall arrest nets and edge protection nets are frequently used on construction sites to protect people from falling. Exposure to the weather gradually affects the energy absorption capacity of these nets, however. It is therefore essential that the nets are not just visually inspected for damage, but also tested annually for tensile strength.

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Duranet present at Biennale Interieur

Kortrijk Xpo once again hosted the international design fair “Biennale Interieur”, which took place from 18 to 22 October 2018. As the first edition was organised in 1968, the trade show celebrated its 50th anniversary this year.

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New in our product range: fibreglass reinforcement mesh

Fibreglass nets effectively reduce cracking of traditional screeds and flowing screeds. In addition, mesh reinforcement increases screed stability.

Duranet fibreglass nets are not only cheaper than steel reinforcement mesh, they also offer several practical advantages.

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Discover the new 2018 Duranet catalogues!

The catalogues including our complete 2018 product range are now available. They provide a comprehensive overview of all Duranet products.

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Duranet website also available in English

As of March 1st, the duranet website is available in English! 

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Accidents can be prevented by covering oil pits …

Oil pits are popular in the garage and bodywork sector as well as in companies where the truck fleet is maintained in-house.

Duranet offers nets and attachment accessories to cover oil pits quickly and safely.

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Reinforcements for the Duranet management

Duranet has experienced strong growth in the past few years. With a view to the future, Patrick Van Haecke took the decision a few months ago to seek reinforcements for the company’s management.

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